Contracts built for construction.

Smart construction contracts that work for you.
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Builders make more profit.

Make your life easier with Paid as your contract and payment partner.
Progress claims paid 10x faster
Increase revenue, build efficiency and drive confidence
Industries safest contracts
Automated payments and admin
Reduce admin and legal costs
Real time variations

Subbies get paid on time for every job.

Subcontractors know their funds are secured by Paid contracts prior to commencing work, giving them greater peace of mind and financial certainty.
Get paid 90% faster than standard progress claims
Job funds are secured before work commences
No more chasing payments
Hassle free digital progress claims
Cut out the paperwork
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Suppliers get every invoice paid on time.

Supply your builder with greater financial certainty.
Get paid 90% faster than standard progress claims
Job funds are secured before work commences
No more chasing payments
Hassle free digital progress claims
Confidently increase credit limits
Gain more business with increased exposure
Cut out the paperwork
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Homeowners have greater peace of mind.

Build your new home hassle free, with reduced risk and greater peace of mind. Paid builders use credible, safe and secure building contracts to ensure you’re protected.
Reduce risk of financial ruin
Make every dollar go further
Ensure your builder uses safe and secure contracts
Build your home with a credible and trustworthy builder
Paid works with any financier
Cut out the paperwork
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Hassle free progress claims.

Creating and reviewing progress claims has never been easier. Cut out the tedious paperwork and go digital with Paid. 
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Create a progress claim.
Upload all your relevant claim evidence, images and documents through the Paid app.
Send for review.
Your claim evidence is sent for review. We'll notify you once the review is complete.
Get approved.
Congratulations! Your claim has been approved.
Get started for free

Geolocated claim evidence.

Gain full transparency when reviewing progress claims with geolocated claim evidence. 
Site matched
Images which have been geolocated within 50m of the site location.
Greater than 50m from site
Images which have been geolocated further than 50m from the site location.
Unable to geolocate
Images which we were unable to geolocate. 

Quick actions make your life easier.

Easily action important tasks and stay on top of your contracts, all in one place.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly action tasks and keep your projects moving forward, all while staying on top of your payment schedules and cash flow.

Variations done right.

1. Submit claim.
Submit your claim along with supporting documentation and photo evidence.
2. Get approved.
Your claim submission is sent for review and approval, all within the app.
3. Get paid.
Get paid automatically according to the terms set out in the contract.

Stay on top of your contracts.

Gain a clear overview of important information for all your project contracts.
Track progress payments
Manage budgets
Stay on top of your cashflow
Make data-driven decisions
Identify potential issues
Automate contract admin and payments
Create variations

Automated contract admin.

Realtime notifications help you stay on top of all your contracts.

Send notices at a touch of a button.

Say goodbye to the headache of tracking down every subcontractor and supplier's contact information and manually sending out notices.

Paid streamlines the entire process, making everyone’s life so much easier.
Easy to use notice templates
Create custom notices
100% digital
Cut out the paperwork
Automated notice admin

Automate your payments.

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