Your ultimate construction payments and contracts toolkit.

Powerful productivity tools live inside the Paid ecosystem to help you stay profitable and work more efficiently.

Take-off at light speed with the power of A.I.

Upload building plans
Upload a PDF of your building plans for A.I analysis.
A.I analysis saves you time
Save over 90% of the time spent on the standard manual take-off process.

Our A.I. software methodically analyses your building plans and organises line items for estimation.
Edit and continue to estimation
Use our digital take-off tools to make any necessary manual adjustments.
construction takeoff tools

Estimation tools designed for speed and efficiency.

Automate repetitive tasks and create a seamless workflow from take-off to project profitability.
Laser sharp, efficient estimations
Our A.I. analysis provides precise measurements for your estimations in seconds. 
Create professional quotes at lightening speed. 
Create streamlined quotes direcetly from your line items. Save time and win more work with professional and accurate quote requests.
Get access to exclusive supplier pricing
Paid contracts reduce financial risk for suppliers and they're happy to offer exclusive pricing to you.
construction estimation software

Plan ahead.
Stay profitable.

The foundation for a successful build.
Plan stages
Plan your project and allocate the required budget for each stage. Easily create custom stages and adjust progress payment amounts.
Plan works
Allocate funds for all project works and gain financial clarity.
Auto calculate profitability
Running over budget at different stages of your project? 

Use auto calculation suggestions to reallocate your budget and stay profitable.
construction planning

Plan ahead.
Stay cashflow positive.

It’s never been so easy to plan your project cashflow.
Easy to use visual cashflow planning guide
Get an accurate visual overview of your projects incoming and outgoing funds. You'll never have to second guess your cashflow profitability again.
Adjust works contract period and terms
Use the simple drag and drop interface to adjust contract payment terms. Create a projection of when work will start and when work will be completed.
Create and send contracts
Happy with your projects planned cashflow? Start creating and sending contracts with a couple of clicks. 
cashflow planning software
Work completed?

Get paid instantly.

Fast cashflow when you need it
Start getting paid on your terms. Approved progress claims are available to be paid instantly.

Don't let long payment terms slow you down.
Guaranteed payments
When your funds are reserved, you know that you'll get paid on time.
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Secure your payments before commencing work.

Paid contracts give you financial certainty.
Link progress payments
Paid contracts facilitate the linking and reservation of funds for progress payments. Have greater confidence that you'll be paid on time.
Get approved
Create and submit digital progress claims in a few easy steps.
Get paid
Once your claim is approved, you'll get paid automatically according to the terms set out in your contract.
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linking progress payments

Linking progress payments.

Linking gives suppliers and subcontractors greater peace of mind that they will be paid on time for work they’ve completed.
Link progress payments
When creating a contract, the builder can choose to link building contract progress payments to sub and supply contract progress payments.
Funds are reserved.
When the builder’s progress payment is fulfilled, funds will be reserved to pay linked progress payments. Reserved funds will not be accessible to the builder.
Get paid.
Once linked progress payments are approved, funds will be paid to subcontractors and suppliers automatically according to the contract terms.
linking progress payments

Cashflow made easy.

Get paid on your terms and boost your cashflow.
Cut out the slow bank approval process
Get paid 10x faster
Turbocharge your business growth
Take control of your finances

Paid transaction account.

Get a Paid transaction account and get access to the full feature set of the Paid platform. These features include cashflow funding and reserving funds for progress payments.

A snapshot of your financial position.

Total transaction account funds. This is the sum of the available and unavailable account balance.
Liquid funds which are available to use as required. These funds are not linked or reserved for any progress payments.
In most cases, these funds are reserved to automatically pay approved progress payments according to contract terms.
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Enhanced transaction history.

View detailed claim transaction information including project and progress payment name.

Click on transactions to view full claim details and related reserved payments.
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Hassle free progress claims.

Creating and reviewing progress claims has never been easier. Cut out the tedious paperwork and go digital with Paid. 
progress payments overview
Create a progress claim.
Upload all your relevant claim evidence, images and documents through the Paid app.
Send for review.
Your claim evidence is sent for review. We'll notify you once the review is complete.
Get approved.
Congratulations! Your claim has been approved.
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Geolocated claim evidence.

Gain full transparency when reviewing progress claims with geolocated claim evidence. 
Site matched
Images which have been geolocated within 50m of the site location.
Greater than 50m from site
Images which have been geolocated further than 50m from the site location.
Unable to geolocate
Images which we were unable to geolocate. 

Variations done right.

1. Submit claim.
Submit your claim along with supporting documentation and photo evidence.
2. Get approved.
Your claim submission is sent for review and approval, all within the app.
3. Get paid.
Get paid automatically according to the terms set out in the contract.

Plan ahead. Stay profitable.

Your ultimate stage profitability toolkit.
Plan project works
Auto calculate profitability
Create and send contracts
building stage profitabilitychartbuilding stage profitability chart

Automated contract admin.

Realtime notifications help you stay on top of all your contracts.
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Get paid on time, every time.
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