BlogManaging cash flow when you have multiple jobs on the go.

Managing cash flow when you have multiple jobs on the go.

Emmy Burrell
Published February 18, 2024
As a builder can you identify financial stress? At Paid we provide visibility into incoming and outgoing costs. We understand that cash flow can be hard to manage, we have the tools to get your business back on track; get paid on time, every time with Australia’s first payment platform for the construction industry.

In any business, cash is king. But many construction businesses in Australia struggle with cash flow management.

If you work in the construction industry in Australia, you would be aware of how vital cash flow is to your business. It is like the lifeblood that keeps your business alive and kicking. When your cash flow is healthy, you can pay your bills, invest in growth, and face unexpected financial challenges head-on. But if you are not managing your cash flow well, you might find yourself dealing with financial stress, insolvency, or even the dreaded closure of your business.

What are the top factors influencing your cashflow?

The main factors that impact your cash flow are your sales, payment terms, inventory management, and expense management; ensuring any variations to the provisional sum are tracked. You need to have full visibility into these factors to control the financial health of your business. When any of these factors are not managed correctly, we start to see construction companies collapse. 

Gain control of your cashflow.

At Paid, we provide full visibility into cash flow management, so construction workers can control the money coming in and out of their business. As a trusted partner for the construction industry, we have created an entire toolbox of smart features; digital construction contracts with payment protection, e-signing, instant claim submission, and streamlined admin, all in one platform. Keeping builders, subbies, suppliers, and home owners connected.

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